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Records indicate the books appeared to be geared towards children because they used large fonts, simple words and rhyming sentences. The books explained and showed the body parts of boys and girls, images of children playing naked with each other and images of naked children playing with adults, including naked adults, reports said. The 'play' encouraged by the books included hand to genital and genital to genital contact, reports said. Photos and illustrations in the books included depictions of minors displaying their genitals or engaging in sexually explicit conduct, according to reports. Christianson is a registered as a sexually violent predator following a child molesting conviction in He was released from prison in after being sentenced to 30 years in prison.
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Vegan cafe slammed for letting nude kids 'defecate on the floor'

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Vegan cafe slammed for letting nude kids 'defecate on the floor'

The owners of an American vegan restaurant have made international headlines after customers complained about the duo letting their children "run around in the nude and defecate on the floor". The controversary began after a customer wrote a review for Imagine Vegan Cafe in Memphis, Tennessee, explaining that a nude baby running around in the dining area defecated on the floor. Owners Adam and Krisite Jeffrey were quick to respond to the review, posting a series of angry responses on their Facebook page, defending the child's behaviour. Customer Chelsea Bartley took to Google Plus to leave her review and said the baby "bent over to show me its butthole". I was SO uncomfortable.
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La Porte man charged after trying to publish 'naked play' children's book

The restaurant owner responded to a customer who claimed a naked toddler "bent over to show me its butthole" while she was eating her meal. If your weekend was anything like mine, you couldn't go into a single restaurant without someone bringing up buttholegate. And it gets even worse.
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