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They can be big or small, intimate or dramatic, humble, opulent, old, new and everything in between. The point at which the two main roads intersected was prime real estate and almost always contained a temple, which would be the focal point of what later became a piazza. Temples were replaced by churches throughout the 4th and 5th centuries as Christianity spread and government buildings, markets, shops and apartments filled in around the sides. As the power of Imperial Rome declined toward the ladder part of the 5th centuries the towns fortified themselves to defend from attacks, and the piazza became a safe nucleus inside a fortified city. During the Renaissance, piazzas in Italy were celebrated, and in the 17th century heavily adorned with Baroque embellishments.
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10 Most Famous Paintings By Italian Artists | Learnodo Newtonic

Italy was the primary center of artistic development in the west during the Renaissance , a period in Europe between the Middle Ages and the modern era stretching approximately from the 14th century to the 17th century. Italian art reached its peak during the High Renaissance through the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. Together these three produced some of the best known artworks in the world including the paintings Mona Lisa, The Creation of Adam and The School of Athens. The three great masters were followed by Caravaggio who was one of the most influential artists of the Baroque period in western art. His masterpiece was The Calling of St Matthew.
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Italy is considered the birthplace of Western civilization and a cultural superpower. During its history, the nation has given birth to an enormous number of notable people. Both the internal and external faces of Western culture were born on the Italian peninsula, whether one looks at the history of the Christian faith, civil institutions such as the Senate , philosophy, law, [3] art, science, or social customs and culture.
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