Debbie Cameron Project@JazzBez`2017_Drohobych


Debbie Cameron Project

Live in Drohobych (03.12.2017)

Debbie Cameron – vocal
Mariusz Prasniewski – bass
Igor Hnydyn – drums
Anastasija Litvinyuk – piano
Bogdan Gumeniuk – sax

The joint project of legendary jazz singer – Debbie Cameron and the best jazz musiciants from Ukraine and Poland. The musiciants already had a sucsessfull tour in Ukraine and returned to create again during the festival «Jazz Bez».

Debbie Cameron is a vocalist whose performance and interpretation are full of true musical understanding. She began her music career in Miami like a student of musiciants which created a band called Weather Report. After moving to Denmark in 1980, Debbie began working on the legendary jazz scene – Montmartre JazzHouse. There she performed with such performers as Ben Webster and Dexter Gordon, and perfected the art of giving words to songs of their true emotional essence.